Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that the European Union and its Member States have elected me as their sole and common candidate for the position of Secretary General of the World Customs Organization.

More than ever, the world depends on trade for employment, economic development and prosperity.

More than ever, there is a need for customs to protect the security of people and supply chains worldwide.

More than ever, we need a WCO that is responsive to the membership.

I pledge to review the governance of the Organization to ensure transparency, efficiency, innovation and flexibility.

I propose to focus on implementing updated tools on the basis of solid evaluations. Security and safety and the development of the SAFE Framework remain top priorities. We need to promote the customs transformations needed to embrace and manage the digital economy.

Let us also revamp capacity building and customs learning in line with the agendas for sustainable development.

Let us strengthen the culture of cooperation and promote mutual exchanges of information.

Let us take a high profile and ensure openness in WCO cooperation and interaction with other international organizations.

Pilar Jurado Borrego


In the 132nd WCO Council, 28-30 June,
vote for me to:

To re-establish unity, consensus and solidarity to secure inclusive attention to Members’ concerns.

For better governance and regular renewal in the top management positions.

To energise the WCO towards addressing the challenges of the future.

“Together we can make the difference. I am asking for your vote in June 2018″