Pilar jurado participates in the conference of directors general of customs of the west and central africa region in guinea

Pilar Jurado was yesterday in Conakry (Guinea) participating in the 23rd Conference of Directors General of Customs of the West and Central Africa Region of the WCO.

“I propose to give more importance to the integrated development of capacities for the modernization of customs administrations.” – Pilar Jurado

We reproduce part of her vision here:

“We need to promote and support members who need this reinforcement, which can be done in a number of complementary ways:

  • Identifying and mobilizing financial resources to ensure that all projects with clear added value are effectively funded.
  • Collaborating in the design and monitoring of infrastructure, information technology and training projects.
  • Helping the visibility of modernization reforms through a dialogue with strategic partners, such as WTO, UNCTAD and Development Banks, and also with the regional communities.
  • Promoting the development of expertise at a regional level and the use of this expertise within the region. There are good practices and expertise in each area, so different countries can benefit from each other.
  • Supporting the implementation of members’ strategic plans, the results achieved and, in general, the evaluation of the application of WCO standards.”
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