Pilar Jurado attends several meetings in Mexico along with other national customs directors of Latin America and Portugal

Throughout the week of April 16-20, Pilar Jurado has participated along with other national customs directors from Latin America, the Caribbean and Portugal in several meetings in Los Cabos, Mexico.

At the 21st Regional Conference of Directors General of Customs of the Americas and the Caribbean Pilar has shared her vision for the future of Customs.

“A modern organization must be based, on one hand, on the principles of continuity and experience, and on the other, on the principles of flexibility and innovation” Pilar Jurado

“The renewal of the positions of maximum responsibility is essential in any international organization that wants to grow and respond to the needs of its members and the constant challenges they face.”

We must work to make our organization more inclusive and transparent with regards to decision making and improve our communication with all members, as well as their participation.

We must focus even more on the cooperation between Customs and Police and maximize the potential for cooperation with the private sector, especially regarding digital business models.

A framework of WCO standards for information exchange will increase efficiency and contribute to the implementation of the trade facilitation agreement.

We must promote and support capacity building by promoting the mobilization of economic resources, collaborating in the design and monitoring of infrastructure and information technology projects, improving the visibility of reforms and modernizing customs, promoting the development of regional-level experts and supporting the implementation of our members’ strategic plans, the results obtained and, in general, the evaluation of the application of WCO standards.

“Together we can take the OMA to a new phase!”

On Wednesday Pilar presented the Spanish Customs Single Window at the WCO-COMALEP-Private Sector Forum.

“Customs leads agency cooperation for an effective Single Window.” Pilar Jurado

During her speech, Pilar highlighted how advance information, a one-step contribution of documents, an analysis of shared risks and joint controls are the key elements of the Single Customs Window.

Pilar Jurado ended her participation on Friday at the 34th Meeting of National Customs Directors of Latin America, Spain and Portugal by moderating a discussion table on Risk Management.

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