On the personal information and the privacy

The website www.pilarjurado.eu is engaged with protecting the privacy of the users of the place; we want to contribute to the defence of the fundamental right to the data protection that is the capacity that has the citizen to have and decide on all the informations that refer to him; for this fulfil escrupulosamente the European Right, the Organic Law 15/1999, of Data protection of Personal Character (LOPD) and of his rule of development, being forced to protect the treatment of the personal data, the public freedoms and the fundamental rights of the physical people that they are users of our website, especially in relation with his honour and personal and familiar privacy. For this have developed the necessary technical requirements that guarantee the confidential treatment of the data, avoid his loss, alteration and access or fraudulent use.


All the personal data that facilitate us through electronic forms, by means of email, registration and/or subscription to the services of the website, will be treated with strict confidentiality as it demands the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, of Data protection of personal character. In this sense guarantee that the treatment of these data effects under the levels of security established in the Law and that prevent his manipulation or use and unauthorised access by part of third that can use it for distinct purposes for which have been requested.

Copyright and industrial on the contents of the page www.pilarjurado.eu

All the elements that form the website www.pilarjurado.eu, as well as the structure, design and code source of the same, and the elements contained in her (to title enunciativo, images, sound, audio, video, software or texts; marks or logos, combinations of colours, structure and design, selection of materials used, programs of necessary computer for his operation, access and use), are titularity of www.pilarjurado.eu and are protected by the rule of copyright and industrial. All the rights are reserved. This understands without prejudice to the full titularity that have the Entities Collaborators on his own contents, logos and marks. The users of the website only will be able to realise a private use and personnel of the contents of this. The USER engages to respect the intellectual property rights and Industrial titularity of www.pilarjurado.eu. It will be able to visualise the elements of the Site and even print them, copy them and store them in the hard disk of his computer or in any another physical support. It is absolutely forbidden, the use of the website or of any of his elements with commercial or illicit ends. The website www.pilarjurado.eu will not assume any derivative responsibility of the use by third of the content of the website and will be able to exercise all the civil or penal actions that correspond him in case of infringement of these rights by part of the user.


The website of www.pilarjurado.eu uses “cookies” (small archives of information that the server of www.pilarjurado.eu send to the computer of the one who accesses to the page) in the indispensable measure for the correct operation and visualisation of the website by part of the user. The “cookies” used in the website have, anyway, temporary character and disappear when finishing the session of the user. In no case they will use the “cookies” to collect information of personal character.


With the end to improve the provision of the website, www.pilarjurado.eu reserves the right, anytime and without previous notification to the user, to modify, expand or suspend temporarily the presentation, configuration, technical specifications and services of the website, of unilateral form. Likewise, it reserves the right to modify anytime the present instructions for use as well as any one other particular conditions.

Exclusion of responsibility

The website www.pilarjurado.eu does not hold responsible of the eventual errors tipográficos, formal or numerical that can contain the website, neither of the accuracy of the information contained in him. The web www.pilarjurado.eu does not do responsible, in no case, of the damages and damages of any nature that could ocasionar, to title enunciativo: errors or omissions in the contents, fault of availability of the portal or the transmission of virus or wanton or harmful programs in the contents, in spite of having adopted all the necessary technological measures to avoid it.


The hyperlinks contained in the website www.pilarjurado.eu can head to web pages of third. The website www.pilarjurado.eu does not assume any responsibility by the content, informations or services that could appear in said places, that will have exclusively informative character and that in no case involve relation any between Pillar Sworn and to the people or entities titled of such contents or headlines of the places where find .