Pilar Jurado participates at the Europe Region Heads of Customs Conference in Sochi

On April 12-13, Pilar Jurado was participating at the WCO Europe Region Heads of Customs Conference held in Sochi, Russia. The Conference welcomed delegates from around 50 Member States from the Region and the EU.

“My first priority will be to strive for unity and consensus.” Pilar Jurado

As 2018 EU common candidate for Secretary General of the World Customs Organization, Pilar shared her vision and key actions to move customs forward.

“A modern organization must be based on the principles of continuity and experience, on the one hand, and of flexibility and innovation on the other.

Regular top management renewal is a must in any international organisation willing to rise and respond to the needs of its Members and to ever-changing challenges.

We must work to make our organisation more inclusive and transparent in the decision-making, and improve the communication with all the members and their participation.

My first priority will be to strive for unity and consensus.

I see two main objectives: firstly, developing the standard setting role of the Organisation in areas such as E-commerce and exchanges of information and secondly, developing WCO activities in the provision of Capacity Building. Our Organisation must focus on each member’s needs with tailor-made technical assistance and e-learning tools, ensuring that all projects with a clear added value have resources for their funding.

Vote for me to re-establish the unity, consensus and solidarity of our Organisation and to secure inclusive attention to Members’ concerns!

Vote for me to achieve better governance through the limitation of mandates, greater transparency, accountability and efficiency in our Organisation!

Vote for me to energise the WCO towards addressing the challenges of the future!

Together we will take the WCO into a new era.”

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